Create a Smoking Pumpkin Display for Halloween Using Dry Ice

Create a Smoking Pumpkin Display for Halloween Using Dry Ice 


On Halloween, children and adults alike delight in the possibility of being tricked, treated and even completely terrified as they jaunt from house to house collecting treats from costumed neighbors. The more industrious Halloween decorators create spine-tingling spectacles for trick-or-treaters to enjoy, including graveyards laced with dense fog, murky haunted houses glowing with haze-filtered lights and spectacularly spooky jack-o-lanterns with creeping tendrils of smoke oozing from between crooked carved teeth.

To add some fright to your front porch, use Penguin Brand Dry Ice® to turn your traditional jack-o-lantern into a spooktacular smoking pumpkin masterpiece!

What you’ll need:


  • A large pumpkin
  • One-pound dry ice, available at a store near you
  • Hot water
  • A large glass
  • A knife
  • Gloves
  • A hammer
  • A towel




  1. Using the knife, carve your pumpkin and be sure to create a “lid” by cutting out a circular portion around the pumpkin stem. Your jack-o-lantern design is up to you, but choosing something with a few large spaces (like a spooky face with a large mouth) works best for this project.
  2. Fill the glass half full with hot water and place the glass inside your pumpkin.
  3. Remember to always handle dry ice with gloves or a hand towel, as dry ice is a skin irritant. Wrap the dry ice in a towel and use the hammer to break the dry ice into chunks.
  4. Drop two or three pieces of dry ice into the glass.
  5. Place the lid on top of the pumpkin and watch as your pumpkin becomes a fog-filled masterpiece!


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