How Dry Ice Makes Festival Camping Easy

How Dry Ice Makes Festival Camping Easy 

Freeze-dry your produce for easy storage at any festival! 

Are you heading to a music festival and want to make sure your produce and fresh food stay cold longer than a few hours? With the camping setups at most festivals lacking refrigeration, flash-freezing produce beforehand is an easy way to ensure everything stays as fresh as possible. Check out our step-by-step instructions below! 

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Fruits and vegetables of your choice 
  • Large cooler 
  • Plenty of Penguin Brand Dry Ice® 
  • A baking sheet that will fit inside your cooler 
  • Towel or additional baking sheet 
  • Gloves and tongs 

Step 1: Wash and dry your produce thoroughly. If moisture droplets are present, freezer burn may form on your items. This is also the time to pre-slice or chop your items for easier prep upon thawing. 

Step 2: Fill the bottom of a large cooler with dry ice, but be sure to leave enough room for both your fruits and vegetables and another layer of dry ice on top. 

Step 3: Place your washed and dried produce on a baking sheet and set it on top of the first layer of dry ice inside the cooler. Cover the produce with another baking sheet or protective covering and add an additional layer of dry ice on top. 

Step 4: Cover the cooler — but do not seal it closed — and allow time for the produce to freeze. 

Safety Notes: Never place dry ice inside airtight containers.

Step 5: Once your produce has completed the freezing process, use gloves and proper safety precautions to transfer your produce to a container of your choice and store in your conventional freezer until you’re ready to thaw and indulge.

Once you’ve completed the flash-freezing process, your produce will be fresh and ready to enjoy when you thaw it out at your festival.

If you found this interesting dry ice idea helpful, wait until you see all of the other ways you can use dry ice around the house, the campsite and on the go! Visit our Penguin Brand Dry Ice® blog for more helpful tips and tricks.

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