Keep Ice Cream Cold with Dry Ice

An ice cream scoop is used to scoop chocolate ice cream from a metal container.

Keep Ice Cream Cold with Dry Ice 

When the heat of summer comes, our minds immediately go to nostalgic ways of cooling off—jumping into a chilly swimming pool, throwing water balloons at an unsuspecting sibling (or mom and dad!) and, of course, enjoying some delicious ice cream in your favorite flavor.

Instead of waiting impatiently for the ice cream truck to drive down your street or spending money on store-bought ice cream, try making your own this summer with Penguin Brand Dry Ice®. Use our store locator to find a grocery store near you that sells dry ice.

What you will need:

  • A 7-10 lb. bag of Penguin Brand Dry Ice® 
  • Your favorite homemade ice cream recipe
  • A large bowl
  • A large, flat wooden spoon
  • A small fork
  • Safety gloves and glasses                                                                         

How to make your ice cream:

  • In a bowl, combine the ice cream ingredients
  • Wearing gloves and safety glasses, chip off roughly 1.5 cups of dry ice for every 5-6 cups of your ice cream ingredients
  • Combine the dry ice with your ingredients and mix well with the wooden spoon until the ice cream has hardened into your desired consistency (you may need to throw in an extra chunk or two of dry ice if it doesn’t look like it’s freezing fast enough)
  • Remove any stray dry ice pieces from the ice cream with your fork and discard
  • Enjoy!

This technique works best when you make a few gallons of your favorite homemade ice cream recipe at one time. When the ice cream is finished, store it in your freezer in plastic containers.

If you’re storing the ice cream in a cooler, break a dry ice block into small pieces and surround the sides of the tub—just remember to keep the dry ice insulated.

Save yourself the hassle and cost of keeping cool with store-bought ice cream this summer and make your own delectable creation with dry ice.

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