It’s Magic: A Dry Ice Gender Reveal Idea

A "Boy or Girl?" sign hangs on the wall behind a cake and festive decor for a gender reveal party

It’s Magic: A Dry Ice Gender Reveal Idea 

Gender reveal parties have become an increasingly popular way for parents to share some exciting news about their growing baby before he or she actually makes their debut. It seems everywhere you look a balloon’s popping with blue powder or a cake is cut to reveal pink buttercream. As with most trends in the Internet age, the types of reveals have grown from simple pink or blue announcements to over-the-top displays involving confetti, fireworks—even dry ice.

Penguin Brand Dry Ice® customer Lisa Moore sent us this adorable video of the gender reveal party she organized for her brother and sister-in-law. We think it’s a genius idea, and we’re excited to tell you how she did it! The best part about this idea is that you don’t have to use vinegar, baking soda or any harsh chemicals that could potentially be unpleasant or unsafe for a pregnant mom-to-be.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A glass or clear plastic bowl/dish (a trifle dish works perfectly)
  • An opaque or metal shot glass (preferably neither blue nor pink)
  • Glass beads or marbles 
  • Pink or blue food coloring
  • Warm water (enough to fill half your dish) 
  • 2 cups or bottles to pour water from
  • 2-3 pounds of Penguin Brand Dry Ice® (find it at a store near you)
  • Insulated gloves or a towel

Set the Scene for your Dry Ice Reveal

Step 1: Prepare the dish
  • Choose a dish with relatively tall sides (such as a trifle dish) that is a little taller than the shot glass you’re placing inside it
  • Place the shot glass in the center of the dish
  • Carefully spread a layer of glass beads or marbles around the shot glass to stabilize it so it can stand independently without tipping over
Step 2: Add the color
  • Place a few drops of blue or pink food coloring into the shot glass
  • Fill the bowl with warm water until the water is about halfway up the side of the shot glass
Step 3: Prepare the bottles
  • Fill two cups or bottles with enough water to fill the dish just above the top of the shot glass
  • For an added effect, add some loose glitter in the water
Step 4: Add the dry ice
  • Place three or four pieces of dry ice into the water to create a fog effect

Important: Before you begin adding the dry ice, safely break it up into smaller chunks. Wear insulated gloves (mittens or oven mitts work) or wrap the dry ice in a towel before breaking it up to keep it from coming in direct contact with your skin, because dry ice is a skin irritant. 

Step 5: Just add water and you’re ready to reveal
  • Make sure your party guests have their cameras ready, and ask the expecting parent(s) to start pouring water into the dish on the left and right sides of the dish
  • When the water fills the shot glass, the dye will spill out and reveal the gender in a beautiful fog-filled display

Watch Lisa’s gender reveal to see her dry ice creation in action.

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