Flash Freezing Your Wedding Cake with Dry Ice

A newly wedded couple prepares to cut into their wedding cake.

Flash Freezing Your Wedding Cake with Dry Ice 

A tradition that’s risen in popularity over the years, freezing some wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary is a great way to make you feel like you’re right back at your reception (smooshing some sweet stuff in your recently wedded’s face). But you can’t just jam a tier of cake in the freezer—it could end up tasting less like a delicious, sugary treat and more like old cardboard. For better results, try flash freezing it with Penguin Brand Dry Ice® instead.

Here’s how to flash freeze your wedding cake at your reception:

  1. Find Penguin Brand Dry Ice at a store near you.
  2. Use about five to seven pounds of dry ice.
  3. Get a cooler with just enough space to accommodate the cake and the dry ice. 
  4. Wrap the cake slice tightly with plastic wrap. (Air and added moisture do not help a cake taste better.)
  5. Place the cake in the bottom of your cooler.
  6. Add an insulating material like newspaper or cardboard. (Direct contact of the cake with the dry ice could lead to freezer burn.)
  7. Place your dry ice on top and close the cooler.

Too busy? Let the pros do it

If you’ve hired a catering staff for your wedding, it’s a good idea to enlist their help. If they set aside a tier or a few slices during the cake-cutting ceremony and complete the steps above, you’ll have some flash-frozen cake to bring home at the end of the night.

Time is of the essence

Your cake will only stay frozen in the cooler for a maximum of 24 hours. So be sure to find a long-term freezing solution (you know—a freezer) by sometime the next day. We recommend wrapping your cake in aluminum foil for additional protection. Tupperware doesn’t hurt either. This is your wedding cake we’re talking about, after all.

Keep food hygiene in mind

Another important thing to consider: How clean is that cake? If you’re having an outdoor reception, your cake could be sitting out in the elements for hours, collecting bacteria. Not even the freezing power of dry ice could kill all the germs involved. Save yourself some anniversary indigestion (how romantic!) and consider packing away some other big-day memento instead.

Whether you save the cake or not, we hope you and your partner savor every moment of your wedding day together. Congratulations (and happy anniversary) from Penguin Brand Dry Ice!

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