Four Easy Ways Dry Ice Can Make Your Wedding Magical

Four Easy Ways Dry Ice Can Make Your Wedding Magical 

When it comes to putting together an unforgettable wedding reception, there are a lot of ways to create the “wow” factor you’re looking for. Custom place cards, ambient lighting, surprise fireworks—you’ve probably seen it all. But have you ever seen the bride and groom literally dancing on a cloud? Or sat at a table lightly coated with a magical fog? Probably not, but you could make it happen with dry ice.

Create the party of your dreams with these five decorative and practical tips for a magical wedding reception, courtesy of Penguin Brand Dry Ice®.

Tip #1: Dance on clouds for your first dance

During your first dance as a married couple, you’ll already be on cloud nine. Why not get the visual effects to match? For an unforgettable moment, transform the dance floor into a cloud using dry ice.

Unlike fog machines, dry ice doesn’t contain any unwanted chemicals, particulates or odors. Your fog will stay low to the ground, creating a beautiful effect your guests will never forget without blocking anyone’s view. It’s also a great option if you aren’t very confident in your dance skills. People will be so impressed by the fog they won’t notice if you miss a step or two.

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Tip #2: Create a magical atmosphere with dry ice table accents

Another way to add a touch of magic to your wedding reception is by decorating the tables with dry ice. For this kind of decoration, a little can go a long way. All you need are a few glass vases filled with warm water and a small amount of dry ice at each table to create a beautiful effect. This is the perfect way to avoid the pre-dinner lull when guests take their seats and wait for the wedding party to make its entrance.

Tip #3: Keep food and drink colder, longer

If your wedding will take place outdoors during the summer months, it can be a challenge to keep your food and drinks cold. Dry ice is the perfect solution to keep things chilled, or even frozen, throughout your reception.

With a temperature of -109.3° Fahrenheit, the cooling power of dry ice is nearly unbeatable. Unlike regular ice, dry ice won’t melt into a watery mess, potentially soaking the food you’re trying to keep cold. 

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Tip #4: Freeze a piece of wedding cake

After all that preparation, your wedding night will fly by in what seems like a matter of minutes. With any luck, you’ll have beautiful photographs and memories to remember the celebration. And, by using dry ice, it’s also possible to save a piece of your wedding cake to enjoy on your first anniversary while you flip through your wedding album and reminisce.

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We hope these simple tips help you pull off the best party of your life. When you’re ready to purchase your dry ice, you can easily find a retailer near you using our store locator page.

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